What we're about

We would like to kindly welcome YOU to our group! May this group bring to your life more peace, serenity, colour, and most importantly, HAPPINESS.

We strive to work together with everyone in our Toronto community, irrespective of their gender, race, ethnicity, religious and spiritual background, to establish a world where all love and respect each other. To do so, however, we strongly believe that one needs to clean his / her inner-self by finding the right path that is meant to be for them. We do not believe that there are fundamental differences between different religions or spiritual groups. Rather than focusing on the differences, we aim to unite all beings under one umbrella where we can share our commonalities and celebrate our differences.

We collaborate with other not-for-profit organizations to provide as many as possible workshops, seminars, and other activities to provide opportunities for our members to learn new ways to become happier and more positive individuals; overcome stress and depression; respect others who have different values and perspectives; and most importantly to be on the right path in the spiritual journey. Our board of directors includes academics, including experts who have a doctorate in spirituality and sufism.


What about our not-for profit organization, Civilization Wisdom Charity Upsurge (CWCU)? Our not-for-profit organization is a registered not-for-profit organization based in Toronto that has a primary purpose of providing a mutual understanding and unity among a diverse range of peaceful religions, spiritual groups, and groups that advocate global peace. In particular, we aim to act as an umbrella under which all human beings may be united and promote respect, dignity, and, most importantly, love among all human beings irrespective of their religious, spiritual, and ethnic backgrounds.

The other purposes of the not-for-profit organization shall be to strive to:

• To provide opportunities to the Meetup community and others who are interested to join our activities to learn how to become a more positive, productive, happier person;

• Collaborate with other peaceful religions and spiritual groups to organize seminars, social activities, and workshops that will empower both spiritually and professionally our members;

• Achieve unity among all peaceful religions and spiritual groups;

• Establish a better understanding of the teachings of the religion of Abraham (i.e., Abram);

• Share the truth behind the Quran, Bible, Torah, and the Book of Psalms;

• Advocate the peaceful lifestyle and practices of the Apostles, Blesseds, Companions, Rumi, Haji Bektash Veli, Yunus Emre, and to study these peacemakers’ teachings, which have contributed to the happiness and peacefulness of human beings;

• Work on spreading to the entire world love, happiness, and tolerance.

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