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This group is composed of a relatively specific group of writers. It is intended for writers of prose (not poetry) who want to occasionally work together on a project or common interest and, at other times, merely come together on a regular basis to find a common, peaceful working environment where we can work alone...together.

The first portion of each meeting will consist of (possibly) some form of presentation and open discussion, questions and answers, and meet and greet opportunities. The remaining portion of each meeting will culminate in each of us making a concerted effort to be there to write. You can find an agreeable cohort for the session or simply find a nice corner of the room where you can pull out your notebook (analog or digital) and start getting words down on paper/disc. This group is for people who (I'll go ahead and be honest) want to get away from the house, spouse, family, dogs, television...whatever, and seriously spend a couple hours in session concentrating on their writing. You don't have to share if you don't want to do so, but it's always fun when you do. We will try to get some sort of coffee going, perhaps some snacks or other form of sustenance, and get to it. Critique (of your work and of others) and open discussion is optional, however, if you will be critiquing the work of others, you will offer yours to the group for critique as well. Truly, the group is for people who want to work on their projects and reach out for an opinion or assistance from like-minded people as desired. We are prose writers. It can be fiction (novels, sci-fi, fantasy, literature) or nonfiction (history, self-help, and, well...anything else...except poetry.) We are prose writers. No poetry.

Just as the type of prose is not critical, the end goal of whether you want to be published by a traditional publisher, and indie house, or be self-published is not terribly important. Just as long as your goal is to be published. Hopefully, there will be enough experience within the group to offer insight of each of these processes and help us find the option right for each of us.

In participating with the group meetups, you may find one or more people who want to work on a project, or just get some assistance and questions answered, or simply find some peace and quiet.

Yes, we charge annual dues of $20.00 - These dues will go towards coffee and snacks for the meetings and meetup fees. The more people who join, the better the snacks.

(A Note: This is a prose group to the exclusion of poetry because writing poetry is an entirely different process and mindset from writing prose. Just as there are numerous poetry groups (to the obvious and perfectly acceptable exclusion of prose), this group is meant to be comprised of, and cater to, those who write prose. Thank you.)


prose (prōz)

noun: prose; plural noun: proses

written or spoken language in its ordinary form, without metrical structure.
"a short story in prose"

another term for sequence (sense 4 of the noun).


col·lab·o·ra·tor (kəˈlabəˌrādər)

noun: collaborator; plural noun: collaborators

a person who works jointly on an activity or project; an associate.
"his collaborator on the book"
synonyms: coworker, partner, associate, colleague, confederate; More
"his collaborator on the book"
quisling, fraternizer, collaborationist, colluder, (enemy) sympathizer;
traitor, fifth columnist
"a wartime collaborator"

a person who cooperates traitorously with an enemy; a defector.
"he was a collaborator during the occupation"


Let's be productive and get published.

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