Women's Full Moon Cacao Ceremony with Shamanic Drum & Gong Bath


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"An afternoon of rebirthing with Natalie - incredibly powerful Cacao ceremony.Women sharing, kundalini yoga, gongs, drums, powerful meditations...thank you. I am wild. Reborn. And full of love." Emma

Ceremony is a beautiful opportunity to take time out of your busy life to spend time with your Self and other women - to hear your inner guidance on how to move through your blocks/heavy emotions, connect with your deepest desires or maybe to gently release stress , let go of the past and open to more Self Love & Compassion.

Cacao is a gentle, loving Plant medicine that heals wounds in the heart by dissolving old and stale energies, memories, and stuck emotions. It can help us shift from fear consciousness to love consciousness.

We will start with some kundalini yoga-based​ movements, breathing and sounds to allow you to relax more deeply and open the heart chakra; setting intentions which will be a significant aspect of the ceremony (please give some thought to this before coming) with the use of Oracle/Tarot cards; drinking a ceremonial grade and dose of cacao (dissolved in hot water); then lying down for a guided visualisation with shamanic drum and Gong Healing.

Please bring:

A yoga mat/sheepskin/camp mat (be as comfy as possible), WARM blanket & water, crystals or anything you'd like to add to the altar representing your intentions, or the Divine Feminine/Goddess Energy, notebook/pen for any journalling and Your Healing Intention. I will have a few spare mats/blankets if you can not bring them but you must book them in advance.

If you have medicine or sacred song that would be appropriate to share then please bring it along.

Wear whatever feels good ❤️ ( extra cushions are also good, or even a thin inflatable camp/thermorest type mat).

Please eat lightly before and avoid caffeine so the stomach is relatively empty for absorption of the cacao.

Cautions: Our Cacao is prepared especially for ceremony and comes from the Ashaninka tribes of Peru .

It is safe to drink however please note: Cacao is not suitable for anyone with chocolate or nut allergies, heart conditions or anyone taking SSRI anti-depressant medication.

If you are pregnant as we will give you a smaller dose.

"Being involved in Natalie’s cacao ceremonies have been some of the most enjoyable moments in my self-discovery journey. The warm and welcoming environment that Natalie provides is such a safe place for me to “be”. And it’s always the right place at the right time. The learnings I take away are always relevant and support my inner growth so profoundly. As a regular attendee,​ I think there is also an accumulative effect, I get more and more out of these ceremonies every time.

Cacao is such a loving nurturing experience for me and it truly does open my heart, which makes Natalie’s ability to hold a safe space even more important – it’s a real gift. It’s a huge part of my self-care program​ and I go whenever I can."