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Cacao is the Heart Medicine. 100% Pure Scared Cacao from Peru. Cacao is a powerful plant for opening our Heart space allowing us to go deeper into our self for exploration into our Hearts desires. Sacred space will be held for you to explore deeper into your consciousness, journeying with intention to discover more about yourself and reflect on whats needed for you to improve your human experience. The sounds of the Gong will assit your deepening medative state as well as clearing energy blockages. The Gong also has deep healing abilities to improve your cells and blood, with its vibrational reasonance. We then go deeper with the drum, rattle, and other sound healing instruments to assist along side the medicine songs and chants, openning the Heart space while you journey. Cacao has many benefits emotionally and physically for our general well being, this will be shared during the ceremony. *IMPORTANT* This is a pre-pay evening. To reserve your place please make a payment of £18pp via link below using your name and contact number as reference. please use this link for payment, using your name and contact number as reference, Thank you :)

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This group will experience Gong meditation, light Trance dance, Shamanic drum journeying, chant and the ceremonial sacred Cacao Chocolate from Guatamala. The Cacao is a strong heart opening plant that taken consciously can help with inner journey work. 'Mark Wild Transformational Shamanic Healing' and Joanne of 'Cacao Temple' invite you to join the Cacao Ceremony and create conscious intention in your life and invite the Cacao Spirit to work with us on our inner journey.
Sacred Ceremonial Cacao from Guatemala is used in liquid form to facilitate opening our hearts. Sacred Cacao is known to awaken our Love Hormones! We will relax to the sound and vibration of the Gong whilst the Cacao starts working in our body and emotions. Moving into a light ecstatic Trance dance we will enter into an altered state of consciousness to truly 'let go'. Shamanic drumming will follow where we journey to meet our 'Power Animal' and gain some inner wisdom and personal answers. A gathering of wonderful people to share the experience with, we will have time to share our journeys after if you wish to. We look forward to sharing this experience with you and hope you can join us.

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