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This meetup is for women mostly although conscious men are open to join. Some events may be labeled "women only" and if there is enough interest from men, I can hold "men only" events as well.

This meetup is for those looking to explore deeper levels of awareness through the body. If you are like me, you have tried main stream, new age spirituality but find you are craving something deeper.

In this meetup we are going to practice embodiment through sacred cacao we crack open the heart and heal deep grief, pain and trauma by practicing "BEING" instead of "DOING".

We will explore the divine feminine, the divine masculine through sacred sexuality, forest bathing and movement. As well as embodied breathwork and simple meditation techniques.

We will discuss God/Goddesses like Kali & Durga as well as the Archtypes both masculine and feminine that might be running in your life.

Most of all we will foster connection and love and acceptance for one another. Sometimes we might have an open discussion and potluck. Sometimes we will get wild and howl at the moon!

One thing for sure, this is not your ordinary meetup. Be prepared for deep work and be prepared to let loose and have fun healing the deepest parts of yourself!

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