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Metaphysical Night for Kids: $30 for 6 Mini-readings

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Since it's July, and most kids are on vacation from school, we're going to welcome them to our Metaphysical Night. All of our readers will be happy to introduce children to their tools, with simple, positive readings, and brief explanations. We'll have our usual treats and tea, and some cookies for the kids.

We'd like to ask that the children coming be over age 7, as they must be willing and able to sit and listen to each reader for 5 minutes, and then wait until the next round. It's probably best if each child has an adult to sit with them during the readings, too.

We'll decorate and make the night totally enjoyable for families, and especially the kids.

If you haven't been before, here's how it usually works:

For a single admission price, you get to "taste" 5 minutes with each metaphysical reader at the CAAC, including astrologers of different schools, Tarot readers, hand analysts, handwriting analysts, etc. You can talk to each reader and see how their tool works, and what a reading with them might be like.

It works like this: you see the first 3 Readers, then sit for a few minutes while you take notes, eat delicious treats and chat with other customers. Then you'll see the other 3 Readers.

You can ask each of the Readers the same question. You'll be amazed at how all the different tools and Readers will come up with very similar answers, because those are the things you need to hear. Or, if you want, you can ask 6 different questions, and get a brief answer to each, all in one night! Or, you could just see what general things the Reader has to say. It's totally up to you. We're here to use our various metaphysical tools to serve you.

The idea is to introduce you to all these different models of how the world works, and to see which ones you resonate with the most. Then you can schedule a full-on reading with the Readers at their private offices. And, of course, you're always welcome to return for another Metaphysical Night event. We have many returning customers, because it's such a wonderful way to learn more about yourself, and have a great time while doing so.