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Important Astro Aspects of 2014 $5

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Astrology is based on Astronomy and Mythology. Astronomy allows us to know exactly where the planets in our solar system will be on any day. Mythology gives us ideas of what energies are in place with the planets. When we put those together, we can interpret what energies are happening on particular days. That's what this presentation is about, what astrological interpretations we can have for each month of this new year.

Knowing what's coming up can help us work with the energies and make the most out of them. 2014 is another intense year, and having some ideas of what to do and when will really be helpful.

This presentation is being given by Renée Bornstein. A psychological astrologer, Renée has a degree in Psychology, and has fused this with her studies of modern Western Astrology. She has studied at the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London with Liz Greene and her staff, as well as taking classes, workshops, and attending conferences with many other astrologers.

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