The Sound of Soul - The Strength to Meet Life

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There are times when we wonder about the "fairness" of life, why certain things are happening to us and not to others. There is a saying that "we only get as much as we can handle," but sometimes that seems like an awful lot. What if there was a way to unlock our innate faith and self- belief that we are spiritual beings and have the strength, the capability and the resources to overcome all of our obstacles. For many people, using the word HU (pronounced Hugh) is a way to allow Divine Spirit to intervene and resolve the situation for the good of all. HU is an ancient sound and can be used by people of all faiths to deepen their connection to Divine Spirit and bring more wisdom, joy, peace and love into their lives. Try it today (to be sung with love). You are most welcome to join us in this spiritual discussion on "The Strength to Meet Life" to listen or discuss creative ways to be the master of your life.