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Through this Kundalini Yoga class, you can begin to let go of anything holding you back and become more aware of what you need and want in your life. I will support you in tuning into your own inner guidance to create a deeper connections with yourself and move forward on your life path with ease, confidence and happiness. You will let go of your pain and increase the pleasure in your life.

Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Awareness. It is the perfect technology for these turbulent and uncertain times. The kriyas and meditations we do in class makes you sensitive and aware of all the human facets. You will open yourself up to observe the myriad of sensations, thoughts, feelings and desires of the little self and the ego, which constantly whirl through us. You can begin to realize the impact they have on the direction of our lives, allowing you to let go and discover your True Self, whose clarity, calmness and peace are untouched by emotion and commotion.

Some benefits you may receive:

* Stress relief

* Improved sleep

*Improved physical & mental health

* Spiritual transformation

* Improved relationship with your partner

* Greater career satisfaction

* Overcoming abuse & addiction

*Increased sexual energy

Please call or text 310-866-2037 if you have any questions or have trouble finding the class locations. PRICING INFO:

Yoga Class: $20

Private sessions & programs available

(Pricing varies based on personal needs)

Sat Nam


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Breathe,Move, Meditate: Clear out Fear and Open your Heart.

Lewis Road


This class will be taught outside at a beautiful little farm property.
You will instantly feel grounded with the morning sounds of the chickens and goats.
We will work with specific breath techniques, movements, mantra, and meditation to ground ourselves, clear some fear from our body, so we can stay open in our heart space.

No experience or skill set necessary. Everyone will go at their own pace.

What to Bring:

Yoga Mat

Meditation cushion if you need it for seated meditations.(There will be chairs if necessary).


This is a private residence. The exact address will be provided upon purchase of ticket. Unfortunately we do not accept walk-ins so please sign up by 7pm Friday evening.

Gate opens at 7:45 so you can come in and settle. Class will start at 8am.

If you have any questions or concerns please text me at the number below.

Thank you.

Please Venmo $31 to: @Matt-Fuscaldo to reserve a space.

Thank you.

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