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Being mobile does not only mean that people can call & text you on your smartphone; It means that your business is accessible, agile (flexible across platforms), and dynamic, reaching customers while they are on the move (literally and figuratively).

Mobile Apps Concepts & Idea - Some may not know the wholistic or integrative purpose of apps. Apps are thought of as merely another piece of 'software' on your smartphone. Grasping an overarching view may change how you think about apps in your business.

Any levels of experience welcomed....!


On the integration and workflow of apps in personal & business domains, avoiding the deep technical How-To's (which many other groups here cover).


I believe It is much more important for a business to understand technology, know what options are available, benefits to be had and pitfalls of use.

And the implementation of those ideas into a game plan that will improve business success.

Covering a wide range of topics & concerns:

Private App Stores

Smartphone/Tablet Apps (eg., Battery Savers)

(Flash) Portable Apps - PortableApps OS, Linux Distros

DVD / CD Apps -


Dispell some misunderstandings that some mobile industry leaders here in Calgary may have.

Reducing a possible 'tunnel vision'.

Help companies/individuals understand the larger concept

Help to release your 'creative recommender'

Giving a space yo allow you to look at your business in a new manner.


- Criteria for App Selection ( eg. ROaI, Budgeting)

- Using AlternativeTo

Understanding the App World is going to be key for your business over the next 10 years.


Roundtable discussions, unstructured talk with beer, presentaions & demos.

The odd field trip as an 'Easter Egg'.


a Paradigm Shift

Personal computers such as towers, even laptops is continuing on a decline. Will you hold out OR are you ready to join the revolution? Take a different path and learn how mobile APPS offline and online are changing the world as we know it.

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