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OUR Charter

To be surrounded by people who take an active interest in your company's success.

Who doesn't want to grow their business?

What better way to do it than to learn with other successful and professional business owners. Our focus is on growing our business by being educated by true professionals. The topics we have planned will span a wide range of business topics including; sales, lead generation, marketing, social media marketing, online marketing and potentially many many more relevant topics.

Powerful but Subtle Business Networking

Our main purpose is not business leads and referrals, although that definitely does happen. We are more like a large "master mind" group. We are a powerful business building group.

Requests to Join this Meetup are Moderated

Requests will be declined under the following circumstances:

If the request does not include a human profile image.

If the request does not include your full name.

Meeting Agenda

General Welcome

Round table elevator speeches

Featured member 5 minute speech (every week one participant gets the mic for 5 minutes to do a more in depth introduction of their business)

45 minute guest speaker, someone who is recognized as a trainer or professional speaker on business related issues

Round table Q & A if time permits

Closing remarks (next meetup date & announcements)

Meeting Cost

There is a nominal charge of $2 for each meeting, to cover the cost of coffee and tea provided by the host company. By agreement of the members, we will not be providing any food. If you want or need something to eat, you may bring your own.

No Spam Policy

If you join this meetup, please do so with the intention of learning and contributing. We have a zero tollerance for the use of this meetup bulletin board or comment system for direct promotion of your business or events. You may receive a warning or may be blocked from the group.

Please do not use this meetup to encourage members to join another meetup. While we encourage participation and welcome your detailed profile - Do not use your profile, the message board or comments for spamming the members of this meetup. Spammers will be banned from this group without warning.

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