What we're about

This group is about ways for organizations to improve or transform the how they engage with their customers or constituents, in order to create better experiences and stand out from their peers or competitors.

The group is for anyone involved or interested, such as contact center, customer engagement center and customer experience related roles, such as supervisors, workforce managers, BAs, data / reporting analysts, managers, directors, or VPs and executives, among others.

We'll cover Customer Experience (CX) and engagement topics such as Business Metrics, Analytics (Journey, Interaction, and Voice of the Customer (VoC), self-service including chatbots, digital channels (e.g. Webchat, messaging apps), agent enablement, and AI. It also includes the Agent Experience angle, such as how to retain the right people, since that also impacts CX.

It also includes small or large ways to improve, from small operational improvements to digital business or CX transformation, digital channel transformation, and Cloud migration or transformation.

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