What we're about

Hello beautiful beings of light! Bathe within the union of Sound and Vibrational Medicines as they unite with the healing practices of Yoga, Qigong, Movement and Meditation. Musicians have gathered to support, enhance and amplify the power of transformation and healing by offering multidimensional soundscapes throughout each practice, completing space together with a sound bath! Conscious Music is played intuitively in the moment within the community that gather!
An experiential exploration within our new youiniversal playground, offering deeper, and greater expansion within consciousness of being!
YOUniversal Breath of Life!
Breathing Life! Being Source Light!
Activating Our Spidey Senses!
An experiential exploration within the new youiniversal playground as light of source offers us a deeper, and greater expansion within the consciousness of be-ing! Freedom to be ….
Exploring space...Beyond linearality;
Real eyes (realize) ...Actual eyes; (actualize)
Galactivations... Transformations;
DNA, Immune System, Nervous Systems;
Cosmic Soul Sound-sations...
Consciousness We Are;
Breathing Life...Being Source Light!

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