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Join us for a beautiful opportunity to grow and authentically connect with others. We come together to learn and practice the skills we need to ask for what we want in life, to say "no" to the things we don't want, to become empowered and build trust in our own ability to take care of ourself, to honour our own experiences and emotions as well as those of others, to develop a new way of looking at rejection, to find our voice and to learn ways to compassionately communicate with those around us.

Cuddle Party is a workshop in non-sexual touch, boundaries and communication, followed by a couple of hours to put what you have learned into practice, and by enjoying and exploring touch in a healthy and agreed upon way. (Think hugs, foot rubs, back rubs, spooning and just general non-sexual snuggling.)

The workshop is open to everyone! It is great for those who are single, and for those in a relationship. You can come with a date, come with a friend, or come by yourself. We have an incredibly welcoming, compassionate, and caring community and we love meeting new people.

And most importantly - There’s nothing that you have to do here. You are encouraged to find and express your boundaries, which will always be honoured. We create a space that is safe and supportive for everyone.

During the workshop, a trained facilitator and coach will gently lead you and the other guests through an orientation where you will learn how to make easy, respectful requests and communicate clear boundaries. Then you’ll have plenty of time to relax, chat, cuddle, have a snack, or just hang out.

Cuddle Party is a non-sexual event! Everyone remains clothed and agrees to the Cuddle Party Rules, which include:

* Arrive on time for the welcome circle/orientation.
* Ask for what you want and get a verbal “yes” before proceeding.
* You don’t have to cuddle anyone you don’t want to, or anyone at all, ever.


We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth. —Virginia Satir, family therapist and author.

Some people are already comfortable with touch and can’t wait to be in a place where that’s OK. Others aren’t even sure they want any touch at all, but come to explore the communication skills. Others are just curious about what it might be like. Whatever your reasons, a Cuddle Party is a great playground for discovering more about yourself, for exploring new ways of connecting with others, or simply enjoying a relaxing, cozy evening with other cuddly souls.

Most Cuddle Parties include a diverse group of about 20-50 people. We often see a wide range of gender identities, sexual orientations, ages (18+ only), ethnicities, and ability levels. We are an inclusive community, open to everyone who is interested.

We can host parties for particular groups, like women only, or seniors, or singles, or LGBTQ. If you would like to host an event for your special group in the Calgary, Alberta area, please send us a message!

See more information at: http://www.CuddleParty.com


Angela Bladon (https://www.facebook.com/angela.bladon) is an Empowerment Practitioner: A Life & Relationship Coach, Community Builder, Tantra Facilitator and mom of 3 children from Calgary, Alberta. She offers guidance and support to people who want to live fully and love deeply from a place of pleasure, power, and ease. Angela builds conscious loving communities, and is known for her ability to hold space for authenticity and vulnerability.

Angela’s educational background is in Psychology and Philosophy. She has over a decade of experience in Mental Health, Social Work, and Crisis Counselling. Angela has also been trained and mentored by expert/master level Relationship Coaches, Sex Educators, Energy Practitioners, and Tantra Teachers from all over the world.

As a leader in the Calgary Tantra community, Angela has spent the last 5 years inspiring and empowering people by teaching skills, tools, and insights that make room for healing, connection, and growth. She does this in her everyday life, through the transformative experiential group workshops and events she facilitates, and in the one-on-one sessions she offers to individuals and couples.


“This was my first Cuddle Party. It went completely beyond my expectations. Angela created such a safe and warm environment that I was totally comfortable asking for hugs, cuddles, physical touch. Knowing that people would honestly say no or yes to me gave me the freedom to comfortably approach anyone in the group. Being able to give and receive physical affection without any other expectations was incredible. At the end of the meetup I realized that I’d bonded with people in a very special and unique way. I experienced deep contentment and joy. I am definitely coming back.”

"Cuddle parties are a great way to meet new people and connect through the power of care, compassion, emotion and touch. I'd recommend this to any and everyone." - Raj

“What stood out the most is the caring and calm effect of Angela’s voice. I love how she encourages and that it is ok to have wants and desires or to say “no” without being ashamed of it”

“This was my first cuddle party and I was nervous, but I found the entire evening to be done in a most professional and respectful way from start to finish. The two facilitators of the event did a fantastic job and made me feel very welcome. The part that I have had challenges with is asking for what I want and saying no to people, so this event allowed me to work on both issues. Nothing happens at the cuddle party unless you want it to, everyone respects everyone elses comfort level and NO means NO. I am already looking forward to the next event and meeting more great people. “ ~ Susie G

“I would so recommend this setting to anyone who is starved for affection, as it is wonderfully guided and guarded by as capable a facilitator as Angela! ” ~ Rob B

"I experienced very deep relaxation from having my need for comforting physical contact and relaxation, met through spooning and beautiful music. Then later, an unexpected pleasure, seeing such beauty in the deeply-needs-met-peace of no-longer strangers relaxing together at the end of the evening." - JK

"Thank you so much for the chance to attend the cuddle party. I have been in a state of bliss ever since. The human contact, the respectful people in the group it was all amazing. The comfort for a man going through a divorce was amazing. Being able to approach women when your nervous about dating was awsome too. No stress, no pressure just approach anyone for a cuddle or hug. I hope to attend as often as possible."

“The cuddle parties are the highlight of my month. I look forward to each one and for, I wish they were more often. Really wonderful vibe and a safe space for creating connections and getting a big dose of oxytocin. I HIGHLY recommend going if you've never been.” - Candice

"I had the opportunity to go to a cuddle party hosted my Angela and Amber. At first I wasn't sure what to think, but as the evening progressed I was relieved to feel as safe as I did. Both Angela and Amber provided the best experience of feeling truly nurtured in the safe container of sacred space. There was no obligations or judgments from anyone and I felt very comfortable to laugh, cry and just be held safely. It was a beautiful experience that I would recommend to anyone!! Thanks again to you both for creating this space of compassionate energy! Much love."

"Relaxation, contentment, the warmth of a caring unjudging human touch. I forgot all my problems and could just focus on being with another person in a loving caring atmosphere."

'I attended the cuddle party after a long time and it was one of the very best ones that I've ever attended. Angela's facilitation was awesome which made everyone relaxed and able to explore, enjoy, feel, deliver and receive touch in a safe and enchanting space. A very special evening was created thus. Thank you!'

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