Hi everyone,

I am adding a last minute meetup this Thursday evening since I will have my trading mentor and friend Joel Wissing here in town to teach his course "The Money Maker Edge" this coming weekend. I thought some of you might like the chance to come say hi and meet him. Joel is an expert in the markets who has been doing online trading since its inception back in the 90's. He has worked with traders for FCSB bank in Tokyo Japan to help burnt out traders regain their edge (because if they didn't they were fired). He has presented on the stage for Peak Potentials, and been interviewed on the radio as well (in the US). He currently also manages a private pension fund for some doctors in the US.

I also am planning right now on perhaps talking about the current market condition and how I see the next little bit for prices on things like Oil, Gold and Silver and what I can mean for the stock markets.

So come out and join us! We always have a great time together.

Happy Trading,


p.s. anybody left who is still on the fence or uncertain weather this weekends event is for them should send me an email right away so I can help get you clear. It is truly a fantastic weekend that will change you and your financial future the rest of your life.