YYC Game Critique - Rain World


This month's critique will focus on Rain World, which you can get here on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/312520/Rain_World/. We also recommend bringing some notes on things you would like to discuss about the game.


YYC Game Critique is like a book club for games, where each month we pick a new game that we feel will make for good discussion. Anyone can then purchase and play the game and sign up for the critique meetup where we discuss various topics about it. These can range from how the game was designed, how the game made us feel, any changes you would make, good and not-immediately-obvious decisions, and anything else you feel is important to discuss.

It's not necessary to finish lengthy games, however we recommend at least 1 hour of play as that's usually enough to experience the core of the game. The group aims to be as inclusive as possible, so we try to choose games that are at most $10 and available for PC.

This event is typically scheduled on the first Tuesday of every month.



6:30 - 7:00: mingle, eat, drink.

7:00: game discussion.