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Calgary, AB

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Aug 31, 2018

What part of game development interests you? (programming, art, audio, etc)

Currently, I work as a Project Lead and Gameplay/Network Programmer. I'm mostly interested in the psychology of games, how they tick in just the right way to get a reaction out of their audience. However, I find just about every aspect of game development interesting from Art to UX and I'm always down to learn more about each area.

Have you created games or are you interested in learning how to start?

I've worked on projects here and there since elementary school, finishing games in Scratch, Flash, and Gamemakerand then emailing them to friends to play. Right now I've got my nose to the grindstone working as the founder of Rail Cannon (rail-cannon.com), a local startup in Southeast Calgary.

Would you be interested in using this group to find team members?

Absolutely. At the moment we're desperately looking for programmers. I've been handling both the programming and the business end of things, and it's slowly tearing me in half. We have a large home with a basement we've converted into an office-like area, so I'm hoping to find some people who are willing to work locally on our current project.

What is your platform preference? (HTML5, IOS, Android, PC, etc)

Right now we're using UE4 to create a project for Windows with controller support (intending to also ship on Xbox, PlayStation, or both.) As a gamer, I prefer PC as my Xbox slowly turns into a dedicated Netflix and OG Battlefront machine.