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CHAPTER 1 – The Rising Dead ( 9 Parts )

We will finish this chapter on the scheduled date. You’ve accomplished 4 of 9 but have almost finished the remaining storylines. At your request I can post here the chapter introduction but as your all familiar with it I’ve decided to post the next chapters introduction.

CHAPTER 2 – The Forest of broken wings ( 19 Parts )

A Wolfen stands before you, grand in stature, his eyes ever paranoid and his left hand clutches his blade. Looking deeply in each of your eyes he howls madly at the sky.

“Begone, young fouls! To take one step further would truly be folly. Do you see how the sky glows unearthly light? How the lightning comes alive to dance in the gnarled branches of trees like spider webs? You think yourself heroes? Champions for a fallen people? Forget it! For what is deep within this misbegotten forest is bigger than you . . . or the Burning! The Abomination is bigger than the petty gods who have turned their backs on this horror. It is bigger than us all!”


In the great expanse that is the Northern Wilderness, there can be recounted thousands of tales of grand deeds and daring-do. From the Great Rift and the land of the damned, to the Dragon Claw and the Wolfen territory, legends which tell of those bands of hardy adventures have been born and retold time and again. The Diewulfen, the White Gaters, the Thunderbolts of Timiro and perhaps the most famous of all, the Defilers, have each championed causes to bring change and progress to this tumultuous land. Now comes a time for a new group, a different one. The band of young adventures that embarks upon this dark journey may never be the same whence done!

The Forest of Broken Wings holds a quest for the sharpest of mind and stoutest of hearts. It is a grim journey which pits our adventures against an insanely evil menace. The prize may hold the key to the future of the Palladium world itself. The arena will be the forest deep within the Northern Wilderness, a secret place where tales of heroism may be swallowed in darkness forever, never to be told. This will be a lonely little war, where true peace may lie only in death! Winning may well mean deep scares along with riches. Does who wish to preserve their character’s lives as they are should look elsewhere. This is stuff for heroes only!