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The deadlands game has now been shelved for a bit and the new game change is focusing on Twilight 2000.

Twilight 2000 is basically like the bethesda world of fallout. The world has been thrown into the brink of nuclear armageddon and now you are dealing with the recent aftermath. Armies have been thrown into disarray, governments have toppled, and order has become chaos. Now its every man and woman for themselves. Be it a civilian caught off guard or a soldier caught out in the field with no support you must find a way to scrounge, battle and survive.

Few quick points of note

- If you are ill or busy and need to back out at the last minute its not a big deal just let us know as soon as you can.

- The game can get quite loud as everyone's talking but don't be intimidated we are a very friendly bunch of guys and gal who will be happy to answer any questions you have during game play, help you understand the game mechanics or suggest some courses of action.

- Bring some snacks and drinks for yourself it can be a long night. There is a bar fridge for gamer use near the table.

- SUGGEST YOU ARRIVE AN HOUR EARLY SO WE CAN MAKE YOUR CHARACTER UP FOR THE GAME ( no mad scientists) The reason i cap locked this is its hard to keep the game straight while making characters on the fly during combat this way you can enjoy the game mechanics without being confused by the introduction to the game creation.

- We do a lot of conversation at the table but also progress the story line as well in game so be warned we are a very social bunch.

-Currently there are 7 of us at the table which includes our GM.

- If you have your own dice feel free to bring them if not we have plenty of supplies. A good attitude and a wicked imagination with a quick wit is all you'll really need.

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