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This group is about everything outdoors. Although mainly hiking and scrambling, we organize trips which include backpacking, hut trips, rock climbing, cycling, paddling, and anything else you consider as outdoor activities.

Please note that this is a volunteer run group. There are no guided trips organized. Everyone is responsible for their own safety, adequate trip preparation and knowing their limits.

Happy hiking!

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Bastion Ridge and Devils Head crux

Turn to Ghost

Expect a very loooong day!
We will park just before the Ghost creek bed....therefore a longer hiking approach(NO BIKES). A high clearance vehicle is recommended.

Please note that we won't tag the peak even if ideal conditions! We'll head at most to the crux.


Keywords: at least 3 creek crossings, gravel road car approach, no bike approach, roundtrip >11.5h


REQUIRED GEAR: poles, headlamp, helmet,
RECOMMENDED GEAR: bear spray, gaiters, extra socks,

NOTE: I'm not a guide! You are responsible for your actions and we'll be taking group decisions when needed.
What we are doing out here is dangerous, by registering for this event you signify that you are aware of the risks associated with scrambling, wildlife, carpooling... While we will do our best to ensure that everyone returns safe and sound, you will not hold the event organizer responsible for any harm or liability that might occur as a result of your participation.

Moderate Scramble - TBD

Needs a location

Excited to begin organizing with this meetup group!! I wish the circumstances were better; sadly Covid is dragging on and life feels like on hold. But let us not stop dreaming about what we can accomplish in spite of the circumstances!

This will be a moderate scramble (Kane/Nugara/Spirko). I'm scheduling it on June 5 tentatively (I'm skeptical that restrictions will be lifted off by then, but let's see what happens).


YDT RATING: Class 2.5 - steep hiking, some use of hands for upclimbing/downclimbing. little-to-mild exposure. If you fall, you will injure yourself.
PACE: Moderate - On average, 100 steps per minute
CARPOOLING: Discretionary


This is so that everyone can have a good time. Do not judge us harshly:)

~[1]~ My hikes go at a moderate pace with little breaks. On average, 100 steps per minute. We aren't rabbits, but we aren't turtles either. So you must be fit enough to keep up with the group.

---[1.1] Rule 1 can be broken if I decide to take pictures for my dating profile :) You have no idea how hard it is lock in the right angle and lighting!

~[2]~ For any scramble rated as "moderate or higher" or any trip longer than 20km, you must prove that you are capable of finishing it with plenty of energy left afterwards. This is but a measure for vetting and of course, will never guarantee 100% smooth sailing. The bottom line is: You are fully aware that we're volunteers and the onus is entirely on you should you get into trouble for any reason.

~[3]~ You must have the right attitude. Meaning: Mountain weather is unpredictable. Trail conditions can get testy. The idea is that every person should be able to carry themselves. Also if conditions aren't optimal, there's no guarantee the trip will be successfully finished.

---[3.1]. Unless rated as a teaching/introductory/exploratory trip, all trips will endeavour to complete the objective.
------[3.1.1]. Rule 3.1. can be broken if Marmots decide to take over the world!

[4] You must bring the appropriate gear and clothing that match the mountain weather - sturdy hiking boots, being the most important gear.

***And no admittance for uninvited guests or trip crashers -- except on party business.****


Relaxed, friendly, and joyful - these are the essential pillars of my trips. We are here to make friends, have fun, and explore the mountains. I got zero tolerance to drama and unsavory behavior. We're also not guides. And we are not here to babysit you. If you so wish, you can always pay a helicopter to carry you to the summit and back; I've heard they offer good deals :)

You are fully aware that your hosts are volunteers and not trained guides and you assume all responsibility for your own safety and well-being. All participants are responsible for assessing the current road conditions, current weather conditions, your current physical condition, current trail conditions and current avalanche conditions (if applicable) for the trip and you are responsible for your safety and well-being. You are fully prepared with proper gear and you're physically fit to do this hike with the group.

There will be a trip waiver for you to sign, acknowledging all the aforementioned things.

Mount Bogart Scramble (Kane Moderate Scramble)

Ribbon Creek Day Use Area

Mount Bogart (Kane moderate Scramble) Or if the weather is crappy a moderate scramble somewhere sunny that we can all agree on.

This trip will be cancelled if the weather isn’t clear skies and the start time may change, please double check the date and start time getting close to this hike since I am making so far out things may change.

NOTE: All RSVP questions must be answered to be eligible for this trip. And I will likely ask you a couple questions prior to the event, if no reply you will be moved to the not going.

Please if you have any medical conditions let me know days before we start this scramble.

DISTANCE: Approx. 28 km / ELEVATION GAIN: Approx. 1650m / Approx hiking time 10-12 hours (depending on group speed)

PACE: STEADY – MODERATE. with hour break at the top.

We will hike together and stay together as a group; The harder parts & crux we will wait for everyone to get thru before we carry on. We will be treating this as a team environment. Having fun is the main point. 😊

Please do not sign up for this hike if you aren’t interested in hiking as a group.

REQUIRED GEAR: HEADLAMP ( I will be checking you have this at the start of hike) Helmet – no helmet no hike. Hiking boots, layered clothing, hiking poles, gloves, hat, extra socks, personal medications (if needed). Bring ample water, a lunch, and snacks.

Meeting time: 7:00 am July 10th

If the weather looks better on the 11th will switch the date.

Meeting location: Ribbon Creek Day use area

I will be driving a white Honda civic.

I will into this more before the day and we may switch it from the ribbon creek trail head and tackle it from west off of the spray lakes road “the Nugara’s route” as it might be more scenic and a little shorter in distance. (I will fill in more detail prior to this event I just want to get the date out there as I know summer dates are already getting filled in peoples schedule)

Mountain Forecast


Trip reports



Due to Covid-19 there will be a maximum of 6 people. We will respect physical distancing and hike at least two metres apart. Please do not show up for this hike if you have any Covid-19 symptoms or have been in contact with anyone with symptoms.

Disclaimer: I'm not a guide! You are responsible for your actions and we'll be taking group decisions when needed.


Mt. Allan New Moon/Sunrise Twilight Madness

Shouldice Athletic Park

****Covid Update: With the current resurgence of Covid we are experiencing, out of respect for our elders, health care workers and their families I am going to ask that everyone make their own way to trailheads on my trips for several weeks. I know it sucks. I miss hanging with everyone on the ride in and out, hugs and handshakes as well... but please respect my feelings on this. Thank you****

When signing up for this hike you will be automatically placed on a waitlist. 'IF' you have 'NEVER' hiked with me before, please answer the RSVP question/s.

Mt. Allan New Moon/Sunrise Twilight Madness

It's a roll of the dice to post this far out, but there's always a 50/50 shot for good conditions. I have always done full moon hikes, and am stoked to try for a new moon hike this time instead. It will be a waxing crescent on the 12th, but just in the beginning stage and should only be up for a short time. With luck and clear skies it should be an incredible stars and milky way show for us!!!! I'm giving us 6 hours to make the summit which will allow for a few photo stops, and hopefully at or very near the summit for sunrise at 536am. If the weather conditions in the days before the event suck, I will just alter the destination to the most favorable area/mountain and switch to a day hike for us.

First 9 peeps get tickets to the show.

***There will be off routing and bushwhacking on my trips FOR SURE. If that's not your thing, don't sign up. No whining allowed on the hill***.

Times are APPROX, if you need to be back in the city at a particular time, it’s best to sit this one out. Please watch for updates in the days just before the event.

***I don't cancel events but will change the destination if weather conditions are too crazy.***

Car pool fee $15.00. (If and when we can carpool again)


Michael JC

What we are doing out here is a dangerous activity. In registering for this hike you signify that you are aware of the risks associated with nature hiking, snowshoeing, avalanche hazards, scrambling/rock fall hazards, wildlife encounters, ticks as well as carpooling. You are aware of your physical limits, and how they relate to these activities. You also signify that you take full responsibility for your own safety. We are volunteers, not paid guides, though we will do our best to ensure that everyone returns safe and sound. You do not hold the organizer of the event or the organizers of this group responsible for any harm that might occur as a result of your participation.

Must Have Gear

-Proper hiking clothes/boots (NO COTTON), LAYERS (shell/warm layers *expect the unexpected*), toque, MULTIPLE pairs of gloves (at least two), personal first aid kit, emergency bivvy sack and fire starting materials, HEADLAMP (<-------this is written twice, did you notice?) and FRESH batteries, spare socks, 2 liters of water minimum, a big lunch and lots of high energy snack food.

-Hiking poles, thermos with something hot, a change of shoes for after the hike.

***A note about rock climber helmets... If you are worried about your noggin, carry a rock climbers helmet. Please though, if you choose to wear a helmet always pretend you are NOT wearing it. Having a helmet on does not automatically mean you are safe, and you should still always conduct yourself as if you are not wearing one.***

Joining this hike is like joining a team, and we are all necessary as part of that team. Looking out for each other, spending time getting to know different people, relaxed pace (not slow but not a race either). You can expect off routing adventure, finding extraordinary things to photograph, lots of laughing, awesome like minded nature people, and wicked scenery. Let's go get a good return for our precious remaining life seconds and spend them creating an awesome memory!!!

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Shouldice Athletic Park

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