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Two models for getting great headshots, 3/4, and full length. MODELS ARE Alexia Day and Stephanie two of their photos are in the photo area. I will set up two shooting locations in the studio, you get the trigger and 3, 2, 1, GO! There will be two groups of 3 photographers you get one model and then you switch models giving you time with two awesome talents. I will assist in getting the shot you want you just need to push that trigger to get a great shot. There will be breaks for fashion changes and lighting resets/changes. The aim is for a small group of 6 photographers so you get to shoot more and everyone gets a few turns and as it is a smaller group of 3 on one set it should give everyone decent shooting time. Initially I will do a quick intro and discussion on model etiquette and show you how the lighting is set up. I will also be there to assist those who wish it. Each photographer will be getting one on one time with the model in the lighting set-up and is virtually guaranteed to get good shots. You need to have a hotshoe at the top of the camera for the remote trigger (supplied) and a knowledge of manual mode on your camera. Know how to set shutter speed to 160, and ISO to 100 and F-Stop. This is set using Manual mode on the camera. Models will have signed releases for this event and will NOT be expecting photographs from you unless you wish to share. They are being paid for their time, hence the higher cost of this meetup. PAYMENT IN ADVANCE please, I need to secure the talent in advance. Send payment via paypal to:

SSI Studios

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