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Welcome! The Calgary Law of Attraction Club (Calgary LoA Club) brings together individuals who have goals and dreams, and recognize that the Law of Attraction holds the answers to achieving them. Indeed, it holds the answers to how we achieve anything.

Wherever you are in your journey; whether you've studied the law of attraction for years or just learned of it yesterday, we look forward to supporting you in finding the next step in your journey...and the courage to take it! There could be no journey more rewarding than the one taken to explore and understand your ability to create.

Using the LoA to deliberately create an ever-improving, ever-more joyful life experience requires continual growth --a continual shift from wherever you are to wherever you want to be. It's not about repeating the tactics that "worked last time." As any ardent pursuer of the LoA can attest, it's about finding what's required to grow, this time around. So what we don't do in this group is rattle on about quick tricks and tactics because those get old fast and will eventually hold you back. The discussions are about universal lessons in deliberate creation; truths that resonate at a level far above reason and intellect; truths that we already knew but had forgotten somehow

Hope to see you soon!

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