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Metaphysics means 'beyond the physical'.
In this group we will EXPLORE ENERGY: how it flows, how to direct it and how to read it through systems such as Reiki and Feng Shui. HOW TO RECOGNIZE AND READ PATTERNS OF ENERGY: numerology, colour symbolism, synchronicity and coincidence and auras. UNDERSTAND DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS and the various vibrations required to access them. Learn various techniques of MEDITATION. Journey through the mind with information on DEVELOPING INTUITION and REMOTE VIEWING. Understand how to access and communicate with ANGELS, SPIRIT GUIDES AND ANIMAL SPIRITS. Grasp the concept of SPIRITUAL AWAKENING (spiritual alchemy), acquire the skill to READ TAROT CARDS, and do SPACE CLEARING.

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The Mandela Effect

Central Library

Are some of the things from your childhood different now from what you remember them to be? No you don't have a bad memory. The Mandela Effect is a theory that sometime during the 1980's experiments done by world governments split timelines into alternate realities and we are only now becoming aware of them. I will explain this theory and give several examples of proven shifts in our timeline, as well as uncover many theories of just what exactly is going on. Charge is $30 per person for this presentation.

Stranger Things Revealed

Central Library

Did you know the hit Netflix show Stranger Things is based on a true story? The Montauk Airforce Base in Long Island was used for experiments involving time travel and human cognitive testing for years!!! I will explain the true story of Duncan Cameron, a government employee who was shuffled through time, and what he claims happened during the experiments, as well as many others who uncovered the true story many years ago. Then I will go into the story line of Stranger Things and connect all the dots together. This one is truly fascinating! Cost is $30 for this presentation.

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Near Death Experiences

Central Library

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