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Metaphysics means 'beyond the physical'.
In this group we will EXPLORE ENERGY: how it flows, how to direct it and how to read it through systems such as Reiki and Feng Shui. HOW TO RECOGNIZE AND READ PATTERNS OF ENERGY: numerology, colour symbolism, synchronicity and coincidence and auras. UNDERSTAND DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS and the various vibrations required to access them. Learn various techniques of MEDITATION. Journey through the mind with information on DEVELOPING INTUITION and REMOTE VIEWING. Understand how to access and communicate with ANGELS, SPIRIT GUIDES AND ANIMAL SPIRITS. Grasp the concept of SPIRITUAL AWAKENING (spiritual alchemy), acquire the skill to READ TAROT CARDS, and do SPACE CLEARING.

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2021 Year Of The Metal Ox Forecast

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2021 Year Of The Ox Forecast with Carrieanne Finlay January 16 9:30am-11:30am MST FIND OUT WHY 2021 WILL BE AN EXTRAORDINARY YEAR! ​ Will you be able to increase your wealth? What's the outlook for the stock market? Can you improve your health? Are you changing careers? How will your relationships be? What Feng Shui cures should you use? How does Age Of Aquarius affect the Ox Year? ​ ​ Find out exactly how to navigate the energies of the coming year and how to prepare for success! ​ *Each person who attends will get a written forecast as well as 5 minute reading specific to their Chinese Zodiac Animal. ​ $97 LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE Registration Closes January 14th. (Zoom online class) Register at: www.spiritualawakeningacademy.com ​ ​

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