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Have you been experiencing an underlying and persistent feeling of restlessness and/or uneasiness your whole life because something just didn't feel right or natural about this reality to you? It's like you have this unexplainable, innate knowing, deep-down, that there's so much more to life than what you're experiencing…that the belief systems here on earth, including our monetary, educational, political, religious, cultural, materialistic, separatist and individualistic systems and ideologies, just do not make sense and they feel inherently wrong, backwards, illogical and irrational to you...it's as though, deep-down, you know better. You can't explain this knowing, you just know that things are not supposed to be this way.

There's a void in your heart that can't be filled by the pleasures of the physical world; you long for a place that your soul knows exists, but your mind can't remember - a place that is filled with an all-encompassing unconditional love & eternal bliss...unlike the place where you currently reside: a place that's dominated by fear and materialism.

The reason life in this realm can feel so unnatural, and even painful at times to you, is because duality or suffering does not exist where you're from: a place of infiniteness oneness…wholeness, which is why life on earth can feel foreign and challenging to you at times. Everything about this man-made, materialistic, 3-D concept of reality goes against the true nature of our being and is designed to stifle our spiritual development.

The powers that be have gone to incomprehensible lengths to prevent us from realizing the tremendous impact that our thoughts and emotions have on manifestation and "reality" by keeping us in a state of fear, lack and separateness.

Those in power are most afraid of the people who cannot be silenced with threats, ridicule, blackmail or bribes. In other words, they are afraid of the people who know that death & our physical reality are an illusion, because they know that these people have no fear. People that have no fear, cannot be controlled.

The greatest threat to the establishment are people who discover that they themselves, are infinitely powerful, creator beings that exist within a multidimensional omniverse, where everything and everyone is energetically connected to one another and what affects one, affects the whole, or as more commonly put, "as above, so below."

If we are to change and heal this world, we must step into our power by rising above the limiting belief systems, thought-forms and paradigms of this 3-D existence (fear, separation, hate, lack, etc) and instead, become pillars of unconditional love, oneness (unity consciousness)…everywhere we go, in every interaction.

We can show others the way by acting as a light in a dark room. When we are in a state of unconditional love, (for all things, including ourselves) we not only raise our own vibrational frequency, but the vibrational frequency of everything and everyone we come into contact with…that is how we change the world my friends…one vibrational frequency at a time; when we heal ourselves, we heal the world!

If this information resonates with you, I encourage you to come by for a night of spiritual exploration and development among like-minded-people.

Please leave your ego, belief systems, skepticism and expectations at the door…the only pre-requisites are an open-mind, a loving heart and a thirst for truth, knowledge, wisdom and peace.

This group is a non-hierarchiacal, egoless, collaborative effort among like-minded people, where we all contribute what we know and learn from each other; i'm just the facilitator :)

The more I learn, the more I realize that I know nothing, as our world and reality are infinitely mysterious and unexplainable, which is why i'm excited to hear and explore your interpretations and theories related to the mysteries of our omniverse, as well as listen to your personal stories, experiences and epiphanies/spiritual downloads on the "unknown," in addition to sharing my own thoughts and experiences with you...mine is but one interpretation. I look forward to seeing you all there! WE are the change we've been waiting for! Go team LIGHT!!! :D

This video is dedicated to all the other visionaries and truth-seekers out there… <3

In Love & Light,

Ashley Dickout


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