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Event 3: Find the Abandoned Cars on the Paskapoo Slopes!

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Event 3 of 4 events today!

This is a great area to explore unless it rains. Then it becomes too muddy and slippery to do. Lots of ups and downs on this event! Some nice views as well. Beware of the cyclists who use these trails as well.

Hint: From what I understand, the abandon cars are somewhere up the trail on the left side at some level of the trail.

This should take between 90 mins and 2 hours.

There is a McDonald's across from COP for coffee afterwards for those who wish to cap on this adventure!

Dogs welcome if on leash and obedient! Just remember that some members may be afraid of them. Others are allergic to them and a loose dog can put them in the hospital if they come in contact with them.

Car Pools

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