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Charles Stewart has been on my hit list for a while and given I will have already done a lonnngg drive the day before, lets go to Canmore, scramble up Charles Stewart and help out the local economy! :)

Mount Charles Stewart is a peak in Canmore area next to Mt Lady MacDonald and Squaw's Tit. It is considerably higher than either of the latter peaks and offer a commanding view of the surrounding area. The elevation gain of the South Peak, which will be our primary objective is about 1460 m, so it will take some effort to get there. We might try to cross to the true North Summit -provided it is scrambleable and conditions allow that. But this would be a "bonus", because I don't know if such cross is feasible. The ascent involves a lot of scree bashing, but picturesque Stoneworks Canyon and nice views should compensate for that.

Those willing to go must be in good shape and have some scrambling experience. We will proceed at brisk pace so judge your abilities accordingly.

GEAR: Usual scrambling gear+ food and water. Helmets, gaiters and a traction device are mandatory. There's likely to be snow at higher elevations so crampons/microspikes could be useful.

POSSIBLE HAZARDS: fall, falling rock, bears, ticks, slippery conditions, unpredictable weather.

As usual all participants must be club members. Ensure that you have your 2013 membership paid (preferably on line) or you won't be allowed on the trip.