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Tantric Puja

6:00 to 9:30 pm

If you want to explore heart felt connections with Self and others through embodied practices, in a safe nurturing environment, if you want to feel more alive and more present in your body, if you want to be a part of a wonderful community, I want to invite you to an evening that will nurture your body, heart and spirit.

What is tantra - tantra is a spiritual path that integrates body, mind and soul. It’s a path of deep awareness. A path that weaves together heaven and earth, body and spirit, masculine and feminine.

What is a puja – it’s a ceremony to practice the path of tantra.

In the East, puja is a celebration of the Divine, honoring ceremony for a God or a Goddess. In the West, we also celebrate the Divine, divine in each of us.

A puja is a group of people like you, open to celebrate heart felt interactions.

During a puja we pair up with partners and practice different exercises, designed to open our hearts, and deeper connect with ourselves and with others. The structure makes this event a safe container for all.

Exercises may include:

- heart connecting

- guided meditation

- eye/soul gazing

- partnered movement exercises

- a shared dance of "energy"

- loving nurturing touch

- and other fun & creative forms of physically, emotionally & spiritually deepening connection with the divine in another.

are priorities

are the benefits

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Registration is required to ensure gender balance. You do not need a partner to come to this event. Couples of all orientations are welcome. Singles will be placed on a waiting list and confirmed later if there is still room

$60 per couple
$35 for singles

Community members pay $50 per couple and $30 for a single ticket. To become a community member please register at

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Every puja is different. There are themes, or intentions set for each one, some are about nurturing, some more about sharing and connecting, some are dedicated to the journey through the chakras, some are fun and flirtatious, some are sensual, and some are deep emotional journeys. Some exercises are the same, some are completely different. One thing in common - you will learn something new about yourself, you will connect with the community and you will open your heart a bit more. Come and be surprised.

I'm looking forward to celebrating with you

Here's what others have to say about Rovena's pujas:
"It was the best thing I’ve done in a long time. Everyone made me feel welcome. The various exercises sent me into the most relaxed & contended state – I haven’t felt that in a long time. "

"The Puja was a great chance for a very safe growing experience – one that pushed our boundaries but in increments only just enough to comfortably reach the next step. By the end we had all progressed – some beyond anything we may have expected. But with the slow progression, safe trusting/nurturing environment and with the very caring and attentive instruction and guidance from Rovena, I believe most would no doubt describe the Puja evening as a deeply moving (and for some-pivotal) experience."

"I realised how much I had been brain washed in life to not allow myself to be in the moment and feel confident and comfortable with my affection and openness around others. By the end I felt so relaxed, mellow, grounded and (a word I heard others use)at peace, I really didn’t care to move from this space with these cherished spirits.”