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Elastic Database Tools

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One of the main advantages of an application that resides on cloud resources is the ability of the application to scale and handle a dynamic load. However, regardless of load that is occurring at the presentation and business logic layer of an application, the most difficult aspect of the application to scale is the persistence/database layer.

Enter the Elastic Database tools to allow for “sharding” of the database to handle load across “tenants” of a database. This session will provide an introduction to the Elastic Database tools of Azure, and how to manage the load on the persistence layer of your application.

Our presentor is Richard Reukema:

Richard, since 1985, has been developing an expertise in the creation and/or use of application software that creates business value. He has performed in many roles throughout his career but remains loyal to simply creating software that delivers business value.
Blending the characteristics of a deep technical resource, an entrepreneur mindset, and business analyst; Richard always begins his work by understanding the business context for his services. From this base of understanding an analysis begins on how to best select/use/create/integrate technology into the business’s environment and works to resolve the nature of the business problem(s).
With his entrepreneurial nature, Richard comes with an extreme customer service attitude that always looks for common sense solutions that provide the business user with what they require, when they require it and ensures the appropriate security context is maintained.
Richard has provided his skills and consulting services to large, medium and small business environments, always looking to streamline business process and gain efficiency. He has performed in many roles such as Solutions Architect, VP of Product Management, Technical Team Lead, Technical Architect, Developer (C#), Database Administrator, and Instructor.
His expertise is focused on: Distributed Application Architecture, Cloud Resources and their impact on application design (Azure/AWS) ,Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) / Microservices, the .Net Framework (from 1.0 to the latest release), and Visual Studio (currently testing/working in 2017).