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Celebrate International Picnic Day AND World Juggling Day!

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Eau Claire - Picnic Circle

Barclay Parade 51.05378,-114.068778 · Calgary, AB

How to find us

There's a 'circle' with grass, some stones & a small 'performance area' on the north side of Eau Claire Market property. We will gather there, sit & picnic, and just chill out! The 'MAP' references point to the right place on Google Maps.

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Let's have a simple picnic, and practice our juggling (well, the juggling is optional)!


June 18 marks these 2 'holidays' - International Picnic Day, and World Juggling Day... and I, for one, can do both, so... why not?!?

The origins of the Picnic Day are unclear - perhaps someone started it on the weekend of the Summer Solstice (it will be Monday Jun 20 this year), and was simply deemed to be that date - June 18. In 2016, Picnic Day lands on a Saturday, so it's perfectly-timed!

The International Juggler's Association marks this day to simply... juggle... so why not come out & join DSN for a little fun? I can teach how to juggle 3 balls (& maybe just a bit of a 4-ball effort); I'm hoping** someone else will show up to teach (or at least show off!) how to juggle more!
**I'm adding this gathering to other websites, in an attempt to bring a few (maybe really good?) jugglers out - fun, entertainment, whatever... !! Since I'm inviting non-DSNers, there will be no cost for this event (save your $1 DSN fee for lunch!)

Bring your own picnic lunch (or buy something in the Market) - don't worry about getting too fancy, though - I'm just bringing a sandwich, chips, pop & water; no picnic basket with cutlery, cheese, meats, etc... but if you want to play it out formally with all the trimmings, you're welcome to!

For juggling, you can try it out, or just watch... bring some tennis balls or something similar - balls are easiest because they're symmetrical - bowling pins are always cool, but I don't exactly have any in the storage closet...

Above all, DSN is a social group, for fun times & friendship - this is a great opportunity to hang out, have some food, meet new people and perhaps, just maybe, learn a new skill - so COME ON OUT & HAVE SOME FUN!!

"DSN - where you say 'Hello' to strangers, but say 'See Ya Later' to friends!"

More about World Juggling Day -
**P.S. You can learn a bit about juggling on their website, and of course, Youtube has plenty of videos... so try it & let's have some fun!

More (although, not much more!) about International Picnic Day -