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600 3 Ave SW Suite 1500 · Calgary, ab

How to find us

Take the elevators up to the 15th floor.

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Join us for a night of awesome local talent and expertise sharing their knowledge and learnings with you.

The night will consist of:
• 6:00 to 6:30 - Networking & Pizza 🍕
• 6:30 to 8:30 - A series of rapid-fire presentations (10 minutes + 5 minute Q/A)


== From the Missionary Position to Delight: Perspectives ==

Alan Boykiw (alanboykiw.com) – Examines the evolution of UI and UX practices from the perspective of designing for a person sitting facing a PC to the current need to embrace experience thinking about feelings, context, and new technology constructs.

== UX "research" in a research institution ==

Lindsey Wiebe (@liwiebe) – Shares her three-year experience of introducing UX research methods to the University of Calgary. It has been a unique process to work in-house as a UX researcher at such a large organization, unfamiliar with UX, but extremely familiar with the highest levels of research rigour.

== The cake is a lie: Why the best interface is NOT no interface ==

Mike Greening (@mpgreening) – For those following UX writing in the past year, it's been difficult not to come across people trying to connect the dots of current technology initiatives like voice interfaces, natural language processing, and AI, and exclaiming that the future of the interface is no interface. There are psychological and behavioural reasons why haptics will always be a part of our best and most usable interfaces. This short talk will explain this reasoning and provide perspective as we apply our UX knowledge to these emerging technologies.

== From British Umbrellas to Pokemon Go (What Nobody Told You About Having a Future Framework) ==

Phillip Wheaton (@pwheaty) – A talk about innovation, delivered in 3 scenes: On Innovation, Future Frameworks (the how), and Exponential Functions (the why). Technology is accelerating at an exponential rate, and you need new strategies, ideas, and frameworks to keep up.

== UX Transformation in Calgary ==

Shane Gryzko (@sgryzko) – Yes, there's a lot of info out there on twitter, Medium and in podcasts about how companies have upped their UX game, but have you ever had trouble applying these Silicon Valley-focused lessons to your own company? In this talk I'll present 1-3 case studies on how real Calgary companies have gone from UX ignorance to skunkworks UX to getting buy-in and beyond!