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Bring your curiosity about cohousing and meet some of Calgary's latest cohousing enthusiasts, people and families of all ages who are planning, laughing, collaborating, sharing meals (and the occasional beer) while we co-create Calgary's latest human-friendly cohousing community. Meet other Calgarians that share the dream of a more sustainable, supportive, people-focused way of living. We host very informal gatherings to exchange ideas and have some fun and our events are not a sales-pitch of any kind!

Join us to learn how cohousing, an innovative concept from Denmark, beautifully and responsibly addresses the alienation of modern urban life - with a whole new way of living and being together in a beautiful, urban, 'eco-amazing', diverse and caring community!

Tired of the lack of connection and support in big city life? Want to live greener and leave less of a footprint on our planet? Looking for a place to raise kids, where they can play inside or out without a worry? Do you value your privacy but still want a sense of belonging?

Cohousing is great for all ages, but especially for families with children. (https://www.mosaicvillage.org/why-cohousing) In cohousing, neighbours maintain independent incomes and lifestyles, while participating in a ‘sharing economy’ that enriches their lives. You have your own home, with your own kitchen, but have access to amazing shared facilities like gardens, kid’s play areas, workshop/craft spaces, and a huge ‘common house’. Many cohousers look at the common house as an extension of their own residence, because it acts as such a valued part of their day-to-day living - from meals to yoga classes to their child's piano lessons, or guest rooms for visitors to stay in. Your share of the common facilities is at least equivalent to buying an extra bedroom outside of cohousing. Cohousing is designed by future residents via a participatory process (https://www.mosaicvillage.org/join-us), making it unique to anything being built in Calgary today.

Mosaic Village Cohousing: https://www.mosaicvillage.org (https://www.mosaicvillage.org/)
We're 12 households that are working on building a thriving, caring, diverse multigenerational cohousing community in Calgary.

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