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Our group welcomes mature, kind, positive, curious, intelligent, open-minded and active members who intend to participate in our events. The minimum age for this group is 45; most of our members are enjoying their 50s and 60s and a few are in their 70s, but their spirits are young and vibrant.

New members are vetted prior to being accepted into the group in the same way that new members evaluate the group to determine if it satisfies their own criteria. We view this as a positive and vital part of the group's success as not everyone will be a good fit for any particular group.

We are particularly interested in intelligent professional women who value self-development and learning.

We were the first Calgary Meetup group for mature women and our group is unique, very active and we encourage a climate of mutual respect, trust and consideration. Our group is markedly different from other meetup groups with respect to the quantity and quality of our events and I am a creative and dedicated Organizer. My standards are high for the group and it shows.

Our group is 8 years old (March 2018).


Organizers essentially own and operate their Meetup Groups. They often establish membership policies or ground rules for participation, and are responsible for moderating the content on their Meetup Group pages. Organizers can decline membership and also remove members at their own discretion.

MOST OF OUR EVENTS ARE HELD WEEKNIGHTS AND WEEKENDS, however, we do offer several weekday events each week. More weekday events will be posted if there is enough interest.

Although we hold events city-wide, because our members live all over the city, and venues are much more limited in the far north or south, many of our meetups are held in central Calgary.

” I have never had so much fun in such a short time with a great bunch of ladies. I know that this group and all you lovely ladies will provide me with so many beautiful memories to carry with me wherever I go in life. You have a pretty wonderful organizer in Patricia who does everything from the heart.” Annie

“ This is a great group for making new friendships, finding fun and interesting activities that appeal to many tastes, and, if you need it, support from women who understand. I've met so many great people and heard their amazing stories! Many thanks to Patricia for being such a creative and dedicated organizer. ” Catherine

Female friends influence who we are and who we can be. Give yourself the gift of friendship with mature women and join a well established social club for women 45+. The Calgary Women Friendship Group (45+) offers a choice of approximately 35 interesting and well organized events every month. If you are looking for positive connections with women who have enjoyed rich life experiences, or the opportunity to experience eclectic active, social and learning activities, this may be the group for you.

Best of all you will connect with a variety of women who learn from each other, genuinely enjoy each others' company, and who are mature and kind.

Comment from a member: ”This is what I love most about this group, it is a conduit for a group of talented, amazing and beautiful women to connect! ”

It is important for women to have close meaningful relationships with each other. Good friends provide a level of understanding and communication that positively affects your health, wellness and attitude. My goal is to create a welcoming group where mature women can socialize and feel comfortable with each other.

Our group activities include dining out, performing arts, card games, book discussions, community events, volunteer work, day trips, travel, tours, tea parties, private chef nights, private wine tasting, parties with entertainment, creative activities such as painting lessons, glass blowing and calligraphy, a wide range of outdoor activities from dog sledding to kayaking, numerous Human Interest stories and discussions, and workshops and lectures (5-6 each month) on dozens of topics including meditation, Qigong, yoga, nutrition, physical fitness, retirement, grief, addiction, mental illness, essential oils, aging well, CPR, breast health, auras and chakras, the conscious and subconscious mind, current events, writing, fashion, makeovers, spirituality, legal and financial topics, social media, blogging, and almost every other activity you can think of that would appeal to mature women.

Meet mature, open-minded and kind women over the age of 45 for friendship, conversation, sharing ideas, social events and laughter. If your friends have moved away, if you are new in town, if you are single, widowed, divorced, married or retired, and if you feel the need for new friends and connections, then this group may be a good fit for you.

Please be aware this is not a networking group and members cannot promote their businesses.

Comments from members:

” Thank you Patricia, without your vision and creativity this would just be another group. You have created a special place for women to share an experience, to learn something new, and most of all to meet other women. Thank you for your dedication, commitment, and creativity. Joining this group has been very meaningful to me!! ”

” The range of activities available to members is exceptional and well organized and planned. We are very fortunate to have such a creative, organized, and knowledgeable organizer.”

” This is a great group for making new friendships, finding fun and interesting activities that appeal to many tastes, and, if you need it, support from women who understand. I've met so many great people and heard their amazing stories! Many thanks to Patricia for being such a creative and dedicated organizer. "

” The Calgary Women’s Friendship Group gathers like-minded women to explore new interests in an inviting social circle. Patricia sources social, informative and fun activities for this group. The sheer number and variety of activities reflects dedication and passion for continued success. I sincerely appreciate getting to know women and to come together to share stories and laughter, and to learn from our varied backgrounds and experiences. I truly enjoy being in an atmosphere of acceptance, encouragement and kindness.” Pat S.

"May I also take this opportunity to thank you so much for all of the hard work that you do for the group. You always have such a wide variety of things for us to do so I want you to know how much I have appreciated all of the wonderful outings that I experienced with the group last year. Thank you Patricia, it was all because of you."

"Why give aging a bad name? Why drag yourself like a ball and chain? Each day you have, you've had a chance to become wiser, riper, more interesting and I want to talk to people that are mature."

"Seek the company of other women as teachers, sisters, and friends. Women need feminine mirrors in which to discover their own beauty. When we come together with other women, we are empowered in our wholeness. We remember who we are." ~ Barbara De Angelis

"That’s what friends are — people who share your crazy outlook and protect you from the world. ~ Ray Bradbury

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