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CAL demo with Kevin Davidson, 7pm Tuesday, March 21. Next Tuesday’s demonstration.

Using Watercolor on YUPO Plastic with Control

Dear Randy,

The March CAL demonstration program on Tuesday, March 21, at 7pm, will feature Kevin Davidson who will be demonstrating how to use watercolors on YUPO Synthetic Paper. Here's how Davidson describes himself:

Back in the 70’s, when Dinosaurs roamed the Earth, I was a struggling illustrator trying to support a wife, four kids, a few cats, and maintaining a fixer-upper Victorian farmhouse in Old Towne Orange. I had graduated from Art Center College of Design in LA as an illustration major. Back in those days, selling fine art didn’t support too many artists, as opposed to toda…wait a minute…anyway, so I became a freelance illustrator, working in a small design studio with fellow former Art Center students for a couple of years until we mercifully closed down. Then I went on my own for about 20-25 years, until I realized the Golden Age of Illustration had long past, so, about the turn of the millenium, I thought it would be a good idea to transition into fine art…specifically watercolor, which of course, is the hardest to learn to do well and make any money on.

So I was introduced to a watercolor class run by Barbara Stutheit, who at the time was showing in the Cove Gallery in Laguna. In that class someone brought in a few sheets of Yupo plastic “paper” that you could paint watercolor on and actually make changes because of the slick surface. My style fit right in with the characteristics of the surface, and here, 2000+ paintings later, I’m still using it, although I occasionally do an oil now and then just to break up the routine. With awards too numerous to account here, I have been talked into doing an occasional Yupo workshop so other people can learn the vagaries of the material without going completely insane. Some actually stick with it…

Galleries Davidson is involved with:

Mission Fine Art Gallery in San Juan Capistrano
Crystal Cove “Store” gallery
You can see his work on his website at: www.watercoloryupo.tumblr.com

The meeting will begin at 7pm at the SFV Arts and Cultural Center, 18312 Oxnard St, Tarzana on Tuesday, March 21. Light refreshments will be served. Everyone is welcome. Suggested donation is $5 for CAL members, $8 for guests and visitors.

Please park in the fenced lot at the rear of the courtyard marked “Art Gallery Parking.”

Ken Ronney
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Come to the California Art League demo meeting

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