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What we’re about

*IMPORTANT: We are meeting LIVE at Sierra 2 Center, Curtis Park!

Get the inside track on making money (using other peoples money, or leveraging your own) in California real estate. New or Seasoned Investors, Agents and Brokers are welcome. Please join us the First Thursday of every month and learn how to close deals and make money in today's market - by a 35 year veteran real estate investor and broker.

You'll learn how to "find motivated sellers" (on MLS as well as off market pre-foreclosures, auctions, vacants and more) that your competition misses. How to "do the math right" so you lock in your profit when you buy the house right. How to "bank your profits" by wholesaling for a quick payday; or fix and flipping for maximum profits; or holding rentals for positive cash flow and equity growth. Plus, you'll learn how to find investors and raise private money to help fund your deal purchase and repairs.

Every meeting I promise "light bulbs" will go off with new ideas that'll make you money. Network with like minded investors and close deals month after month. Please JOIN OUR FACEBOOK Group to share "wants" and "needs" with fellow club members. I'll also post my many great resources to help boost your business.


Taught by the Alexis McGee, a 35 year veteran investor, broker and coach who launched in 1995, and her protege Ryan Nickel (author "Why You Can't Sell Your House") who began his real estate career under Alexis' tutelage in 2011. Alexis has 20+ years as a real estate educator and media expert. Alexis retired from her national training business in 2014 to pursue her passion of full time real estate investing. Alexis is excited about teaching again and networking with a group of local Investors, Realtors, Lenders and Wholesalers to help everyone do more deals together. More about Alexis here: