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I found out that I was psychic at the age of 8 in Key West, Florida. My family and I are psychics. My father taught me how to use my abilities and how to protect myself while dealing with the paranormal.

For services I provide psychic readings, psychic teachings, private paranormal investigations, Blessing/Cleansing/Protection for individuals and homes, Grounding/Shielding classes for individuals and for investigations. I live in Washington State this group will be more toward online services, as well as skype at destiny.glaubitz, email at kdglaub@donobi.net, text, or phone (360)-434-3291.

I am wanting to find people in California who are interested in the same or similar field. Are you interested in the same? Don't forget to check out our message board for discussions. IF you are looking for answers in the Intuitive or Paranormal then join our group and don't be alone anymore.

I do not endorse any 800#s or websites for psychic readings. If you are wanting to advertise yourself to make money, Please ask first before you post or you will be removed with the first attempt to advertise without permission.

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Hobee's Restaurant - Redwood Shores

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