What we're about

•We offer Playing experience and Performing experience Sessions for musicians- Mainly violin, viola cello and double bass. The Repertoire is mainly Classical but sometimes world music and more modern music is also played

We also Welcome guests and those who are simply music lovers. Just come along to our discussion groups or simply enjoy our Performances.

We need also some good pianists to completed some groups and accompany soloists.

Woodwind are also welcome but numbers are limited to ensure a good musical experience.
Other instruments - guitar, Saxophone, etc maybe required for some special musical groups - eg Piazzolla tango,s etc.
We prefer string players with grade 8 ABRSM but relevant experience and individual cases will be considered.
Our Meetups will be called Sessions and will always consist of the following.

1. Several Performers/ groups - decided before the meetup will Perform to the group.
The pieces can be those which are to be included in a future Concert, or simply chosen out of interest by individuals or collaborative groups.

2. Special interest events

eg - Piazzolla - and may involve some musicians giving short performances or
Discussing repertoire and any proposals to play his music.
3 A break to talk and develop collaborative groups.plus announcements etc.
4. Study Sessions ( in several rooms) on various musical Projects and Concert pieces.
5. A get together Session were 1 or 2 - pieces are presented to the group and performed.

This outline of the Sessions at the meetup is not yet complete and open to discussion and adjustments by all who are member Musicians
6 One extra is to invite a musician or teacher to come along and talk, demonstrate or teach something to the whole group.
Completed 18/06/2017 - Michael

PS - suggestions and ideas would Really be appreciated.

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