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Spring Cleaning!

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April is "Clean Up Month".
If you'd like to get a group together and clean up a section of your city, please do so! Every little bit helps!
You can obtain supplies from Paul Willms at the city (gloves, bags, tip sheet) at [masked]

FYI, the biggest litter problem in the last few years, as you've probably noticed, is not actual litter bugs, it's Blue Box Blowout . The contents get blown down the street and caught up in hedges and fences. Please be creative and try to contain your recyclables when you put your boxes out to the curb.

Tip: Watch out for sharp things that can cut your hands. We recommend using a stick, ski pole, garden hoe, rake, or similar to sift through a garbage pile before you pick it up (those big plastic claws for picking up leaves would also be a good choice). Safety first.

Please spread the word!