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October Internet of Things talks at Makespace

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Mark C. and Matt P.


This month is a 'Makespace special' featuring the tales of two success stories which were accelerated by being part of the Makespace community.

Alexandra Grigore ( is a PhD student in Nanotechnology and Healthcare Biotechnology at Cambridge and a co-founder of SimPrints Technology Ltd. She has been working for 8 years in research labs across the world in fields including nanomaterials, tissue engineering, biophysics, holography and electron microscopy, before deciding to go large scale and build hardware.

SimPrints is a technology start-up founded by four socially motivated students who want to build incredible technology for development. Their first product tackles the identification problem that is pervasive in resource-poor settings by linking patients to their health records through a single unique identifier: their fingerprint. In less than one year from inception, the team managed to secure funding by winning a prestigious Saving Lives at Birth Grant in Washington DC, as well as a generous donation from ARM.

With the help of the amazing Makespace community and volunteers from ARM, Alexandra is in charge of developing the first rugged, low-cost, fingerprint scanner that connects wirelessly to mobile phones.

Adrian van den Heever ( is a technology manager with a background spanning electrical, mechanical, electronic and process engineering and in more recent years (the last 20!) high volume consumer and RF electronics. Currently CTO at Green Energy Options (Making Energy Engaging!) he manages the people and the technology activities that take products from definition to manufacture. Access to Makespace has allowed Adrian to explore and develop ideas and techniques that help accelerate product realization and reduce the time to market of the products his engineers are developing.

The agenda will be:

Arrive 6:45 for a 7pm start (buzz for entry after 7pm)

> Introduction by Mark Cheverton (@ennui2342)

> Alexandra Grigore (@SimPrintsTech)

> Adrian van den Heever (@GEOmonitors)

> Networking & retire to The Mill

9pm Close

Hashtag: #iotcam. Thanks to Makespace for hosting the meetup:

Makespace ( is a community run space, that houses manufacturing and prototyping kit and provides the surroundings to meet, work, build, socialise and do amazing things. Makespace has three main aims – to support existing and new businesses, to raise awareness of and skills in engineering and manufacturing, and to provide a fun place for people to hangout and work on projects.

16 Mill Lane, Cambridge · CB2 1RX
22 spots left