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This community is for all women looking to bring some deeper meaning to their movement practice. My Five Elements practice is centred around the MogaDao tradition. MogaDao brings together Yoga from India and Qigong from China into an original and unique practice tradition. This synergistic pairing heightens both the beauty and the healing power of each of these ancient disciplines of well-being and spiritual awakening.

I myself discovered MogaDao while living for 10 years in Italy, where its founder, Zhenzan Dao, was also based at that time (he has since returned to Santa Fe in the USA). When I came back to the UK in 2011, I started offering regular weekly sessions of both MogaDao Yoga (itself founded on the principles of the Chinese healing art of Qigong) and MogaDao Qigong, as well as occasional workshops, to share this transformational practice with others.

There are many things that I fell in love with in MogaDao. It goes without saying that it makes me fitter, stronger, more flexible, more full of energy and better at navigating the stresses of daily life. But if I had to highlight a few of the key things that really got me hooked, I'd point to how it gives greater form and meaning to my Yoga practice and my life, how it nurtures my awareness of myself as a natural being moved by the same shifting daily, monthly and seasonal energies as the rest of the natural world and how it reconnects me to my own essential goodness and inborn power.

Come along to one of my friendly, unintimidating Yoga or Qigong sessions to experience some of this for yourself. You do not need to have any experience, nor do you need to be fit or bendy! All you need is an open and curious mind and a desire to bring real and lasting change to your health and to your life.

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