Cambridge Repair Cafe

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Hope to see you at Cambridge Repair Cafe on 2 July.

Whether you can repair things, need stuff fixing, want to help with tea and cake or help set up, we'd love to see you.

We get all sorts of broken things brought in: from coffee grinders, to garden tools to laptops. We can't fix everything, but so far we've repaired about two thirds of the items brought in, and saved a lot of stuff from landfill and recycling. We show people how to repair things themselves too.

If you'd like to repair for us but not sure if you have enough experience, we'll pair you with a repairer who's helped out before. More details:

and please let us know ( if you plan to bring something in to be repaired. Or email us directly at cambridgeskillshare at to book a repair slot.

We need helpers to make teas and coffees too. Or could you bake us a cake? Let us know ( if you're able to help out.