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If you can say things like "nature is my religion" or "rivers, oceans, mountains, forests are my cathedrals" and mean it, then you are probably a scientific pantheist.
Getting out into nature, watching the waves and clouds, stargazing, photographing, these are our spiritual foods, perfectly combinable with yoga, meditation, tai chi or whatever your favourite is. Caring for nature and the planet as well as human and animal rights are our practice.
This group aims to organise walks, visits to science or nature museums, outings, discussions on sustainability, planetary change, science and much more. The first meetups will take place in the spring.
Please check out the World Pantheist Movement website for more information:
http://www.pantheism.net .
This exists to promote scientific pantheism, a form of spirituality which is totally compatible with science and with the urgent actions we need to take care of our local and global environment.

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