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Brutal Refactoring with Samir Talwar

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I'm pleased to announce that Samir Talwar, one of the organisers of the London Software Craftsmanship Community and SoCraTesUK, will be delivering this month's workshop, entitled Brutal Refactoring (

"Did you know you can have legacy code after only 15 minutes? This is why we will be brutal with the coding smells. We will take the time to refactor soon and often.

"The facilitator will be your benevolent dictator. His wish is to have the cleanest code possible. This is why any code smell must be removed immediately when spotted. This is why, while coding, the facilitator will stop you whenever he spots a coding smell. Adding functionalities is forbidden until you refactor the smell away."

This is a fun workshop, with a bit of a game feel to it, that will relentlessly drive out all the code smells in your solution. As usual, we will be working in pairs using a Test-Driven Development process, and it is language-agnostic. You will need:

• a laptop configured with your favourite development environments

• your preferred unit testing framework

• a locally-installed source control repository - git or Mercurial work best.

Finding Granta Design

Granta Design is located on Clifton Road behind the Cineworld cinema and bowling alley; follow Clifton Road round two sharp bends until you see Rustat House on your right. Granta Design is located in building 300; please ring the bell for access.

Full Directions ( are available on Granta Design's website, and this Google Map (,+Clifton+Road,+Cambridge,+United+Kingdom&hl=en&sll=52.19317,0.140706&sspn=0.013667,0.031693&oq=granta&hq=Granta+Design+Ltd,&hnear=Clifton+Rd,+Cambridge,+United+Kingdom&t=m&z=17) should help you locate the office.