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This is a group for women who are challenged with the nuances of being divorced, in a blended family, and taking on the role of Stepmom. Being a Stepmom is role I have played for most of my life in two separate relationships. It's difficult and challenging and there is no "rule" book. Until recently there wasn't many resources out there that spoke directly to Stepmoms and blended families. It's also hard to discuss it with friends who are not in the same situation and they can't tried of hearing about the issues. I'm starting to see some resources online (Stepmom magazine, books, social media groups and pages) and they are discussing great topics that I would love to discuss with other Stepmoms in a friendly, non-judgemental environment (so not the internet!). This would be a group for support. Venting will happen and we want others to listen, that is part of a support group. However, this will be positive, solution based discussion for how we can survive, self care, support and be the best Stepmoms (and women) that we can be!

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