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Science Makers: sensing chemicals

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Jenny M.


From building electronic noses to low-cost detectors for toxic chemicals, chemical sensing is really useful and it's becoming easier thanks to the availability of off-the-shelf components and microprocessors like Arduino. In this meeting we'll delve into the art and science of chemical sensing.

12:30 - Presentations and demos

Stephen Elliot (Department of Chemistry) on optical sensors and micro-electro-mechanical systems

Zeeshan Ali and Richard Hopper (Cambridge CMOS Sensors ( on low-cost gas sensors - environmental sensing for everyone

Orr Yakoni on detecting arsenic with bacterial biosensors

13:30 - Pizza (£4 suggested donation)

14:30 - Making!

We'll be building the open source desktop spectrometer ( from Public Lab ( - and a mini version too!

You are also welcome to work on your own projects.

16 Mill Lane · Cambridge