• UX Lightning talks

    The Bradfield Centre

    We've got 6 speakers lined up for our Lightning Talks event on Tuesday 2nd March at The Bradfield Centre. Each talk is 7 mins.

    18:00 - Doors open

    18:30 - Lightning talks

    1. Beyond accessibility: tips for inclusive design, Anne-Sophie de Baets
    2. Designing software for scientists and engineers: User Experience for MATLAB, Ioannis Politis
    3. Predicting the impact of design on medication adherence, Dan Lock
    4. Designing a human-centred bank, Matthew Higgins
    5. Barriers to Research, Philip Watson
    6. The User States of Experience, Jag Reehal

    19:15 - Drinks and networking

    20:30 - Event close

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    The CUG team.

    Photo credits: "Lightning Photos 2011" by Christopher Rosenberger is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

  • THE CUG GREATEST UX Unconference

    The Bradfield Centre

    Unfortunately our keynote speaker Jane Austin will be unable to make it on Friday due to a change in personal circumstances.

    However, we are delighted to welcome a new keynote speaker, Roger Attrill, UX Specialist at Linguamatics. Roger is a long standing contributor to the Cambridge UX community. His keynote title is 'Bias and the Law of Unintended Consequences'. Roger is @think_ui on Twitter.


    8:45 - 9:30 am: Registration opens. Cup of coffee / teas provided courtesy of one of our lovely sponsors, and it will be an opportunity to contribute to the day’s agenda.
    9:30 - 10:00 am: Create agenda for the day
    10:00 - 10.30 am: Keynote by Roger Attrill
    10.30 am - 1:00 pm: 4 sessions (each 30 min - see details below) with a break
    1:00 - 2:00 pm: lunch, kindly sponsored by Akendi, providing ample time to catch up with delegates, emails (if you need to) and contribute to the afternoon agenda.
    2:00 - 4.30 pm: 4 more sessions (each 30 min - see details below) with a coffee break courtesy of Redgate.
    5:00 pm: (un)conference closes
    5:00 - 7:00 pm: Social time, with a drink or two provided by Savanta


    Here’s a quick outline of what to expect.
    - Most of the agenda is organised on the day by participants. We have 4 confirmed talks: our keynote Jane Austin, and a three sponsor talks from Akendi, Red Gate and EMBL-EBI.
    - Anyone who wants to talk should be ready to give a 1 minute pitch at the start of the day.
    - Write your talk title and your name on a post-it, and add it to the agenda.
    - All participants get involved in organising the agenda and deciding which talks should appear.
    - If we have more talks than slots, we’ll find a democratic way to decide which talks get included!


    By nature, the day will be very participative and we need your help to make the day awesome by:

    *Coming up with ideas of topics you want to be discussed on the day.*
    We won’t curate the talks, but if you know what you want to talk about already, let us know so we have an idea of who has a topic/talk prepared in advance. If you're not ready you'll also have the opportunity to add ideas on the day.

    *Preparing a talk?* We’ll have 30 min slots, and 6 min lightning talks, so you can decide what’s best for you. If you never talked or facilitated a discussion, this is a great opportunity to do so. (Un)conferences are a safe way to share your thoughts, opinions and experience in a safe environment.
    If you know what you want to say, let us know in advance so we have an idea of who has a talk prepared.

    *Simply coming with an open mind, and being ready to share your experiences.* We can keep what’s discussed confidential if you want to.


    We're all adults who treat each other with respect. Here is the event code of conduct: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12MtxKc0kFwH2N96DGDqPIWDzrv7g63V4F3qhseuCRmI/edit?usp=sharing

    So… on your marks, get set, share !

    Generously hosted by The Bradfield Centre, Cambridge's hub for tech and deep tech companies operated by Central Working. Our mission is to grow scaleups and provide them with the connections and support they need to thrive. The way we do this is by building a sense of community through human interactions and high-quality events which engage our members and allow for networking.

    Parking is limited at the Bradfield Centre, so please read this to plan your journey.

  • How can we design better for visually-impaired people? (take 2)

    The Bradfield Centre

    We're super pleased to reschedule last October cancelled event!
    Tim Murdoch, CEO of Waymap (http://waymap.org) and Yannis Psomadakis from Wayfindr (http://Wayfindr.net) will tell us about their experience in creating and trialling an indoor navigation app for people with mobility and vision impairment

    - Tim and Yanis will share their experience on their project
    - Tips to design with Visual impairment in mind
    - Interactive design session to help solving cognitive load on wayfinding
    - Debrief

    We'll gather at 6.30, for a start at 7pm

    ABOUT Wayfindr and Waymap.
    Wayfindr is a multi-award-winning not-for-profit organisation that has developed the world's first internationally approved standard for accessible audio navigation. Wayfindr also leads the development of an open source smartphone application utilising beacon technology to allow indoor navigation. Waymap is in the process of enhancing, testing and trialling it in real world scenarios with partners in the UK and USA in preparation for commercial operation.

    - The Bradfield Centre is kindly providing the venue for us to meet

    - Arm is providing drinks and nibbles for us to continue the discussion after the event. They're currently recruiting software engineers, project and product managers... so if you know someone who could be interested, pass this link: https://www.arm.com/company/careers

  • Design for 21st century organisations, services and products

    The Bradfield Centre

    We're delighted to welcome Ben Holliday to share his experiences of service design with us in January.

    Drawing on his experience working in public sector and his work with FutureGov, Ben will explore how we can use service design to deliver better user experiences, and 21st century organisations.

    Ben Holliday is Chief Design Officer at FutureGov. He has over 18 years experience working on products and services. Working extensively with not-for-profit, charity and arts organisations, as well as startups. He has spent the last 5 years working with the public sector, at the Government Digital Service (GDS), and before joining FutureGov he led the design team at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).


  • Conference Redux : UX Brighton (and possibly mobile UX) Xmas social

    Long time no see? This is true. However, we have good news:

    1) A bunch of us went to UX Brighton 2018 (Advancing research) and we'd like to share what we've learn on a redux format. Expect to see Jo Packer, Carl Yates, Clara Todds, myself (and possibly one more) deliver to you the content of one day in less than an hour. Bargain!
    2) After the talks we'll have the opportunity to mingle, perhaps share a pizza and have some jolly social time together. The location and logistic is to be confirmed in the next few days.
    3) Last, but not least, the workshop cancelled in October about designing for people with visual impairement is back, for a date to be confirmed in February. Stay tuned. I hope you can make it!

    We'll meet at the Bradfield center for the talk, and we reserved a table at the Oldspring to carry on afterwards (8.30 onwards). We can organise a few lifts on the day if people dont have way to get there.

  • CANCELLED - How can we design better for visually-impaired people?

    This meeting has been cancelled, because Yannis our expert had to cancel at short notice, and we weren't able to find a suitable replacement in time.

    If you're visiting this page from our sister event with BCS, be reassured: it's still on, the 11th of October.
    Their registration page is:

  • Beyond rocket surgery: Building a culture of user engagement

    The Bradfield Centre

    For this first meetup in a while we'll have not one, but 2 speakers:
    Andy Morris will explain us how he's organising UX in the short development cycles forced by agile methods, and Steve Krug will talk (remotely, from Boston) about how Andy and his team have practiced - and built on - the usability testing method he described in his book "Rocket Surgery Made Easy".

    Andy's abstract:
    Onshape is committed to putting our users at the centre of our Agile design activities. But building a professional 3D CAD application that runs on a web browser is technically challenging, so too are the complex workflows that engineers and designers undertake in their daily work. We are all too aware that working under short development cycles and having so much functionality to validate could create a vicious circle. But how do you make that circle virtuous?

    In our research we heard a frustration repeated by many users of other CAD systems: “I asked for enhancements but no one seemed to listen. So I stopped asking”. We doubled down on solving this. Onshape has now created a company-wide culture of early usability testing and integrated support applications to keep our users happy and engaged regardless of location. In this talk I’ll describe the tools and techniques we use as well as how we have built upon “Rocket Surgery Made Easy” to help our developers get more involved in the process of fixing usability problems.

    Steve's abstract:
    I wrote “Rocket Surgery” to try to make it as easy as possible for people to do their own usability testing. And it’s been really gratifying to hear from all kinds of people who’ve been using the book to do just that.

    I’ve been fortunate to be connected with Onshape since it started, because the founders (who I knew from back when they founded SolidWorks) have been more committed to making their product usable than anybody else I know. I’ll talk a little bit about some of the key principles in “Rocket Surgery” and how Onshape has implemented them...and even extended some. And hopefully we’ll have time for questions.

    We're looking forward to seeing you!