What we're about

Cambridge AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) is a feeder group for the Big Mother AGI project.

In a rush? Watch the videos! (https://bigmother.ai/Videos)

In a nutshell:

- the goal of the Big Mother project is to build a maximally-safe, maximally-benevolent, maximally-trustworthy, autonomous, goal-directed, super-intelligent machine (Artificial General Intelligence) called Big Mother

- Big Mother's dominant goal (simply stated) will be to: (a) maximise human happiness, (b) minimise the standard deviation of human happiness

- this will be a collective (https://bigmother.ai/page-1075153) effort, requiring a global collaboration of engineers, scientists, and other domain experts, over (realistically) the next 50-100 years

- the Big Mother project is currently organised into 30 workgroups (https://bigmother.ai/page-1075253) (19 technical (https://bigmother.ai/page-1075263) and 11 organisational (https://bigmother.ai/page-1075244)), each focussing on a specific piece of the overall puzzle

- our primary focus, until probably the end of 2020, will be on populating the various workgroups with appropriate domain experts

- in particular, a series of talks (https://bigmother.ai/page-1075158) entitled "The Big Mother Artificial General Intelligence Framework" will be held in Cambridge (UK) starting 29 November 2019

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