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Teams of 6/8 take on an obstacle of challenges before our regular badminton one Sunday in July!!

12pm -4pm BBQ & Games

4pm -7pm Badminton (if you have the energy)

Team leaders:


Each team leader will choose their team members.

Example of Games:

Tug of war
All teams members must do

Relay race
All team members must race

Pillow Stand
Entire team members must all stand inside pillow in 60 seconds

Pillow Toss
With blind folded leader throwing water balloons into the pillow held up by all the team members, they give instructions to the leader to throw left or right! Balloon must be in tact when caught.

Tied leg race
All team members must tie legs to persons next to them and get from one side of court to the other.

Duct tape challenge
3 rolls of duct tape per team, in 5 minutes, you must duct tape on one team member to the wall and they must stay up when chair is removed.

BBQ at the end of the games : )

I will need some help with the setting up of BBQ and anyone who fancies doing the cooking, that would be great too! Please let me know if you would like to help out on the day. Family and friends invited to cheer you all on! This event is free but we ask you bring some drinks to share and help clean up afterwards : )

Please let me know if you are interested, have games ideas and a potential date as some ppl may be away on holiday. I'm thinking mid July : )