Price: £6.00 /per person
Location image of event venue


Come and play badminton with friendly group of locals!

GREAT way to keep fit and have fun at the same time.

Can't promise we are great at the game but it's alot of fun and we are all very friendly!

Bring along your friends and family, all welcome, inbox me if you want to let me know you are coming and we will make sure there is someone to greet you.


Cost £6.00 per person

Number of Courts: 4

EVERY Sunday 4pm to 7pm

Nearest Station: Canada Water (Jubilee Line/East London Line)


Please RSVP your attendance as you risk not being

able to play on the night if you just turn up



Please note that we are a friendly group so as such we have no rotation on who plays next, however it is always polite to let people who have been waiting before you to go first, offer them the chance to play in case they are too shy to go up themselves.

Bring a racket & plenty of water, plastic shuttlecocks are provided.

We have spare rackets if needed :)

There is also plenty of parking spaces at the front entrance.

Winner Stays On Option - COURT 1

If you won the game and would like to stay on for challengers,

then bring it on!

Tactics in General:

Women's tactics:

Men's tactics:

Even more videos:

Videos kindly suggested by Gergely



There are none, you can request that you get a credit to go another time!

Just send me an email beforehand : )



Enter through the sports center on your left of the college.
Walk straight down the corridor then turn right
Go 20 metres straight pass the buildings and you will find a double door entrance.
Enter through two sets of double doors and turn right.
From there you will heard people playing badminton so please just come and introduce yourself, we don't bite : )


1. Please guys and gals, please sign up if you want to come, everyone is going to be paying by paypal for their individual sessions. If you have paid in the past for block booking then please email me when you wish to attend, when your credits finish, you must pay via paypal £6.00 per session.

2. Don't bother bringing a friend unannounced and requesting if they can play, sorry to be harsh but i hate to send friends of friends away. In the rare instance where you are not able to play without your friend or they follow you everywhere, they will have to pay the guest fee of £10.00, this might encourage them to sign up beforehand or they will simply stop following you. Also if you paid for one session, it is for one person to play, you may not take it in turns to play ie splitting the three hours between three people is not acceptable

3. If you paid online and find you cannot make it, that is fine but you need to drop me an email, it is courteous to do so and we will put you on another session when you are free, dropping out last minute will incur a fee.

4. Alot of people have been asking what's happened to the winner stays on court. what happen was nobody listens to meeee! Please note the first court on entrance to the hall is the "Winner Stays On" court. I know some people will forget or simply ignore me but I am relying on you all to remind each other and myself.

5. I know it is a pain to use paypal sometimes but grab your friend and get them to sign up for you as a plus one........... you pay them cash then NOTE 2 won't apply! The paypal system is ensuring we do not have people joining then cancelling and it has also given us the opportunity to meet some lovely people who would not have been able to join if we were overbooked with a waiting list.

6. Newbies, please don't sign up one week beforehand then ask for a refund on Friday because by booking your space you don't give serious badminton player a chance to book and also requesting a refund tedious and time consuming for me. Sorry but it is true : (