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Political parties today have become largely soul-less organizations headed and run by greed-driven lawyers who hypocritically hatch attractive-sounding political platforms with no intention of executing those parts of it meant to affirm the quality-of-living of all voters.

The Conservatives, Liberals, NDP and Greens have all become centres of top-down manipulation which subverts the expressed rights of constituency associations on matters of policy and candidate selection.

We seek to help facilitate a coalition of independent candidates across Ottawa and hopefully Canada running on a progressive platform which rejects the political party leadership control principle right across all political parties that has systematically colluded against the desires of Canadian voters.

Instead of seeking to redress issues not only important to the quality-of-life of all Canadians but the very survival of our planet Earth, political party leaders in Canada have sought to balkanize Canadian voters into various "right wing" and "left wing" camps as part of an elite-driven politics of divide, rule and conquer.

The result has been growing economic disparity; environmental degradation; a failure to redress feminist issues in the workplace and other social injustices; Canada's perpetuated support for wars in violation of our identity as peacekeepers and a variety of other social and other injustices.

Simply put, the greatest threat facing Canada are posed by leaders across all political parties and their entourage, and together lets begin to define a "new politics" driven by all Canadians.

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