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We have created The Women's Investment Network (™) - Canadian WIN as we recognize that taking financial wealth is not only "the man’s domain". Women are also decision makers and also becoming more aware, independent and active in the Real Estate Investing world. Women, who are taking control of their financial future. It doesn't matter what state your finances are in or how old you are – it’s never too late to start planning, setting goals and take the right steps towards achieving financial independence and security. We are like-minded individuals and here to support you and each others goals. Don't get me wrong. I love my male friends, colleagues and family and I do see a shift of things becoming a little bit more "equal" but we're not there yet.

Many times I see all male panels and would like to see more women. Why? We have a different comprehension and conversations about money. We're not taught at earlier levels to have the conversation and perhaps more about "nesting". So for us, we can tend to be more emotional about money and often times, afraid to ask the questions that need to be asked for fear of sounding silly or perhaps not confident enough to do so - or not know what questions to ask exactly. This network and group - to eliminate any fears and provide a safe and comfortable area to get you where you need and want to go.

Banks and financial institutions are increasingly recognizing that women are becoming savvy about managing their finances and several lenders now offering specific, female-oriented advice and services.

The purpose of this group is to provide a networking opportunity for those of any level - beginner to advance, wanting to discuss and network, share ideas, challenges and prosper.

This group was created solely for *Networking Purposes* and to gain education and knowledge and we do not encourage any "pooling of money" or group investments.

What book changed my life? Rich Woman - Because I don't like being told what to do, by Kim Kiyosaki. You see Kim Kiyosaki (wife of Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki) began her real estate investing career with the purchase of a small two-bedroom, one-bathroom house for $45,000. Today, Kiyosaki’s real estate investment company buys, sells and manages millions of dollars worth of property.

Her first book, Rich Woman, was born out of a desire to educate and inspire women to be proactive about property investment. It started with her and some friends from University just chatting about their lives and very eye-opening to hear their stories. Kim says "Too many women, especially as we get older, are finding ourselves in dire financial straights – due to divorce, death of a spouse or simply no planning,” she says. “I wrote Rich Woman because I believe the world would be a better place if there were more rich women.”

“The book is not about how to buy car insurance or save pennies at the grocery store. I think we women are smarter than that. Rich Woman is about women taking control of our financial lives instead of crossing our fingers hoping that someone else is looking out for our financial futures.” I also wrote a blog that "Prince Charming is Not a Financial Plan"(™).

One of Kiyosaki’s top tips for getting ahead as a female investor is to form or join a women’s investment ‘study group’. “The problem is, so many of us have not been educated about money and investing,” she explains. By joining forces with like-minded women who are “ultimately committed to becoming financially independent”, Kiyosaki says you’ll be more focused and motivated about improving your financial situation, at the same time as increasing your access to research and resources.

Property study groups

Forming a female investors support group is exactly what a group of women investors did and why "Canadian WIN(™) - Women's Investment Network (™)" and Women in Real Estate is. Just a gathering of female property investors, or those wanting to be and the intent to meet to share insights, research and leads. The environment, non intimidating and non-selling. We also will host guest speakers and professionals.

Important note: Professionals from mortgage industry, home staging, home inspection, real estate lawyers, as well professionals in other trading industries related to real estate investing are more than welcome to share their ideas and network with other fellow members however, may not be permitted to solicit anyone with any pamphlets or any advertising of any kind. We want this to be a safe environment for all to be able to discuss, mastermind and develop skills and support each other in their investment goals and build wealth and investment portfolio.

Come, share, join & learn from an experienced investors/ entrepreneurs to share the ideas.









Note - the purpose is wealth creation and all options available. Other speakers will host to provide all various options whether RRSP's, Stocks and Mutual Funds as well. We want you to be comfortable and learn all options available and what works for you - or what you feel comfortable with. It's important to learn the language and what's out there!

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